Romantic Suspense



A Phantom Inc. Novel



FBI Agent Coryn Westwood has a man problem.

Coryn’s attempts at infiltrating one of the country’s top Mafia families goes nowhere fast. Her superior adds a new agent to the team; turns out it’s the only agent she’s dreamed about naked.


Jack Knight doesn’t take orders well.

Jack took what the Marines and the feds taught him and now leads a team of mercenaries where the only rule he follows is don’t get caught.


Days full of danger; nights filled with temptation

Duty and desire quickly become entangled as they hunt down a killer and those behind attempts to hack into U.S. financial institutions. When a double agent unveils the existence of a shadow government and family secrets surface, Jack and Coryn must choose between the love neither saw coming and the revenge they’ve sought. Will the endgame prove too much to overcome?













A Phantom Inc. Novel

RELEASES May 25, 2021






Let the games begin.


Rachel Haynes and Adam McCade have a connection… A loathe-hate-rip-each-other’s-clothes-off connection.


She thought she’d never have to see him again after her last operation. But her new boss in the FBI’s Cyber-Security Department assigns her to an op connected to her last one and to the hot mercenary who raised her temperature and tested her patience.


Months after the FBI and Phantom, Inc., shut down intrusions into the stock market, multiple government agencies are now under siege by ransomware. A shared ride to the airport after attending the wedding of her former partner and his boss, ends with gunfire and an attempted kidnapping.


Hiding out in the suburbs wasn’t the plan, neither was dodging the Russian mob, or receiving help from a former double agent bent on redemption. As pretend domestic bliss brings undeniable temptation, Rachel and Adam race against a clock set by a shadow group intent on reshaping the global economy.


New secrets are revealed in between discovering the coding to shut down the cyber actors who may be closer than believed and their not so avoidable chemistry. Last time they worked together she’d been shot, not by him. He’d brought her ice-cream, and a proposition she almost took him up on. This go around she’ll be giving him something in return—but will it be her heart or the door?