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This story first released in 2016 as part of the Outlaws of Baseball series.
The reigning "Bad Boy of Baseball" has just met the one woman immune to his charm.

Or is she just really good at pretending?

Kelsey Sullivan is hired by the Idaho Outlaw’s owner, and her childhood friend, to help restore star pitcher Maverick Jansen’s recently damaged image.

When an impulsive kiss is caught on camera and blows up on social media, they're forced into a fake relationship by the owner of the team.

Kelsey soon questions her long-held belief that a pro athlete isn’t the happily-ever-after type when their game of PR strategy by day turns into searing passion at night.

Realizing what he feels for Kelsey goes beyond their soul-shattering chemistry, can Mav overcome his fear of commitment and prove to her that love can save them both?

Welcome to Pineville, Idaho where there is more to life than baseball and love always finds a way.


Rescued by Love Series info: Each story contains connected characters within the Pineville World and it is recommended you begin with book one and continue in successive order for maximum enjoyment!

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