Mistletoe & Scrooge – Prequel to The Outlaws of Baseball

Here’s a sneak peak at Sophie and Grant in MISTLETOE & SCROOGE

“It’s four days before a major holiday, I can’t just put everything on hold because you want to play nice. I already told you, I have plans.” Sophie said.

“Christmas is just another day. Please?”

“I said. I have plans.”

“Break them.” Grant replied.

“Not these plans. I need to drop off some decorations for a very important client. And what is your deal with Christmas anyway? Santa bring you coal when you were a kid and now you have to ruin it for everyone else?”

He would not take the bait. “Look, I’m not here to discuss my opinions on Christmas. Which is an over commercialized, made up holiday by toy manufacturers. You agreed to a date and I’m here to make sure you follow through on your promise. My level of Christmas spirit is not up for debate.”

“Who are you to come into my place of business and make demands? One shared kiss gives you zero rights with me.”

“It was one hell of a kiss though wasn’t it, Sophie?



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