What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day gift – comment to enter my giveaway

It’s the month of Love and Valentine’s Day will soon be here. However, I have a different take on the holiday thanks to my very unromantic hubby. Yes, I’m a romance author married to a very pragmatic man. I love him for many things, his humor, his compassion, his devilish good looks and how intensely he loves me and our sons. But one thing I’ve learned during our marriage is not to get excited about Valentine’s Day. Apparently, it gives him hives.

When we were first married he played along. I received flowers, a nice dinner and a box of chocolates and maybe some pretty earrings or necklace. But after year three, he confessed. It stresses him out to buy me gifts plus he doesn’t want to be told WHEN to buy me a gift.  Which apparently, he states, Hallmark brainwashes people into believing you have to show your love on February 14th or you’re going to be banished to the backwoods of Montana or some other nonsense. This man has strong opinions and it’s one of the reasons I love him, but really? Banished?

At first, I’m not going to lie, I was hurt. How could the man that I love not want to buy me a gift for Valentine’s Day? And how hard is it anyway to buy the chocolates I like, my favorite flowers or a bauble/token of his love? Apparently reeeeally hard.  His response took me by surprise and made me think.  You see this man of my dreams, knows me pretty well. He knows how, er picky I am. He knows that I will pretend to like something, or as in the case of our 3rd anniversary, show my real feelings while trying to pretend to love the spa gift card he gave me when I was 11 months pregnant with kiddo number two and retaining water like a rain barrel. So when he explained that 1) he hates Valentines day in principal and 2) he likes buying me gifts, in theory, but it causes his hairline to recede further and has him reaching for the nearest bottle of antacids, I then saw the light. We can celebrate our love ANYTIME. No just one day a year. And my husband doesn’t have to suffer the side effects of choosing the right present or end up downing a bottle of Benadryl.

In the years since this major revelation, I’ve given him a break. Mostly. I don’t expect a huge bouquet of 3 dozen roses, nor do I need more sparkly jewelry. But what I do need is a husband who loves me and supports me and our kids and one I don’t have to mix up an ulcer remedy for every time the 14th of February rolls around.

My favorite Valentine’s Day gift is a sane and healthy husband. And if I want flowers, chocolate or a new pair of shoes, I’ll damn well buy them myself. LOL

So what’s your favorite  Valentine Day gift? Chocolate, jewelry, a night out without the kids?  Let me know in the comment section below and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a $10 gift card to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Contest ends 9pm PST Sunday, February 12th.  I will use Random.org to choose a winner. Winners name will be posted in comments, so be sure to check back on Sunday the 12th or Monday the 13th  to see if you’ve won. Good Luck!



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